Dipl.-Ing. Univ., Prof. Eng., MSc.
Helmut F Giesa

Consulting Engineer / Advisor / Tutor

Technical, Financial, Administrative and Contractual Management, Time planning / Scheduling, Resource & Cost WBS-Planning, Tracking & Trending, Disruption + Delay Analysis for Claims, Variations, Change Management in Legislation and Cost


Why do we solve your RESOURCE problems?
                Why do we PERFORM in line with schedules and rules?

             Why do we deliver results for Your BENEFITS?


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We don’t just know, THAT it works.


We do know as well, HOW it works.

Siemens-Office: Concrete Works
GiS-Converter Station, Civil works with all adjacent facilities, Ghadames / Libya


We GuB-Office: Steel works
Ship hull / Skeleton rehabilitation and improvements, near Manila / Phillipines


General overall view: Functions, Education, Entities, Locations, sustainable Achievements, Approaches, project cycles, leadership capabilities, Process + Product know-how, WBS, Scheduling, Cost Planning, tracking + predictions.

Scope of Services



EDF + FIDIC Contract Management

[ compliance to procedural and substantive rules, Workshops, BD of unit rates with Prod. Rates, Contract Price]





Dispute Avoidance + Adjudication +Resolution
[as a DB, DAB, DAAB, DRB-members or consulting experts]
[Technical Secretary for Arbitration Tribunals]


Our legal / contractual skills
will achieve a satisfying result, and brings peace in your mind.

Personal Introduction Helmut Giesa
[technical, financial, administrative and contractual experiences, know how and skills in all project life cycles]




Mobile Phone / Whatsapp Number (Germany)

+49 – 172 – 821 1831

TELEPHONE Germany Country Line

+49 – 9141– 84 727

FAX Germany Country Line

0049 – 9141– 3919

Video Conferences via   S K Y P E  or other systems
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Helmut F GiESA, c/o GuB GmbH, An der Schafscheuer, Weissenburg / Bavaria (Germany)

E-mail inquiries

HFG2404@WeB.DE;            Helmut@AiD21.de